I think it is too late for tennis lessons

It’s that time of the year again. The weather is getting warmer, everything in our yard is blooming, pollen is literally raining from the trees, and we pass gators out in the lake as we take the boat for a quick trip. My husband and I went out in the boat earlier this week after work. It was a beautiful day and we decided to enjoy the lake. We were not the only ones enjoying the day. Add to us the usual assortment of fishermen and 5 alligators. The 5 we saw were just what we spied in a quick 30 minute trip and I doubt they were all that were in the area. I convinced my husband to get as close to one swimming alongside us as he could and was amazed that we got awfully close. He did draw the line when I wondered aloud if he thought … Continue reading

The 5 W’s of Lake Talquin

The 5 W’s stand for who, what, where, when, and why. My husband and I have found out some stuff about Lake Talquin but I thought I would dig some and find out all I could on the lake. At least all that I could stand, I do have boredom limits on any project. But here goes. I am not putting the information into the “W” categories because even though it seemed like a cute idea it started to get annoying because some things could be in more than one category. Lake Talquin is a man made lake or more aptly described as a reservoir which was created by creating a dam on the Ochlockonee River. The lake totals 8,850 acres. The name Talquin is a blend of the two cities it lays between, Tallahassee and Quincy. One side of the lake is one county, Leon and the other side … Continue reading